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Food Safety Tech Interview: Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Food Safety Tech Interview: Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration

How prepared is the food industry to mitigate intentional adulteration incidents?  Ensure their suppliers, facilities and supply chain downstream is doing its best when it comes to food defense?  Food Safety Tech's editor Maria Fontanazza recently discussed these concerns and more with TAG's senior food safety manager, Christopher Snabes, along with the associate director of the Food Protection & Defense Institute - Jennifer van de Ligt

Link to interview:  Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration: How Prepared Is Industry?

To better understand the food industry's preparedness on intentional adulteration and food defense, an industry survey has been sponsored by TAG, FPDI and Food Safety Tech.  All survey participants will receive a link to survey results. The survey is open until October 15, 2018.  Interested in taking this quick survey?  Industry Preparedness on IA and Food Defense Survey Link

TAG and FPDI will also be speaking about intentional adulteration and food defense at the upcoming Food Safety Consortium. The conference is taking place November 13-15 in Schaumburg, IL:

TAG & FPDI Session on Wednesday, November 14:

Food Defense : Lessons Learned from Recent Incidents + Key Steps to Mitigating Risks

Join the Food Protection and Defense Institute and The Acheson Group (TAG) for an interactive discussion where they will be exploring three recent food defense events, highlighting key components of the incidents relative to government interactions, FSMA regulations, brand reputation, financial interests, and public health response.

Through exploring these case studies, participants will have a deeper understanding of the causes, effects, and nuances of an event whether perpetrated as terrorist attack, disgruntled employee, or brand sabotage. Based on risk assessments of food defense plans and field work, participants will also learn about the key gaps often found in food defense strategies and practical steps in helping a company both lower their risk and better prepare for intentional adulteration incidents.

To learn more about this informative food industry conference, please visit:  http://foodsafetyconsortium.net/

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