TAG has the regulatory, operational, and reputational expertise to assist businesses venturing into this new arena. While it may not have the food safety issues of traditional meat, cheese, milk and seafood processes, “clean meat,” plant- and cell-based technologies carry their own unique risks.

  • Regulatory expertise to navigate the complexities of the shared jurisdiction of FDA and USDA.

  • Assistance in complying with and preparing for current and forthcoming labelling limitations and requirements. 

  • Gap analysis and validation of the food safety aspects of your bioengineering technology, processing chemistry, and other unique factors of protein alternatives. 

  • Full, comprehensive supply-chain risk assessments to mitigate risks all the way back to the field.

TAG Offers
  • Review of facility and equipment design programs, including sanitary hygienic design to mitigate inherent risks of these technologically designed foods.

  • Recall and crisis management evaluation and planning; mitigation support and assistance should a situation arise.

  • Design of robust, comprehensive validation studies of food safety intervention technologies and/or preventive controls strategies.

  • A full assessment of the food production system to provide due diligence and protect your investment in this evolving industry segment.

Business Synergies

Through its innovative protein-product services, TAG is helping the industry grow from within by working with both traditional meat companies that are seeking to take advantage of this new market trend or re-brand as protein companies, and food companies that operate solely within the plant- or cell-based segments of the food industry.

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