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Are you thinking of building a new food, beverage or cannabis edibles facility? Expanding or renovating your buildings? Or looking at purchasing new or used processing equipment? TAG can help reduce your food safety risk, decrease sanitation cycle-time, and increase your processing run-time by helping you incorporate sound hygienic/sanitary design principles within your project and/or equipment selection. 



TAG Hygienic Design Service Offerings

TAG can work directly with the project team(s), equipment suppliers, or third-party contract engineering firms – and provide training for your internal project team(s):

  • 1 and 2-hour hygienic design awareness webinars

  • 4 and 8-hour on-site advanced hygienic design seminars

Training Sessions and Seminars: 
Construction Project Collaboration and Guidance for: 
  • Greenfield design through project completion

  • Renovations, modifications, or structural additions

  • Project team design reviews and assessments to incorporate hygienic design

  • Food safety risk- and standards-based hygienic design guidance

Equipment Design and Assessment:
  • Assessment of current equipment design 

  • Assistance in new equipment design selection 

  • Direct engagement with equipment supplier on design requirements

Our Industry Dedication

To ensure your projects and equipment do meet all hygienic and sanitary design standards and don’t pose food-safety risk, contact TAG today for a complete Hygienic Design Review.

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