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Key Points

November 13, 2020

  • In Case You Missed It:

    • In Monday’s Recommendations for Industry, we discussed if a vaccine is coming soon and what you should know in the meantime.

    • In Wednesday’s, we explored TAG’s U.S. Risk Matrix. Forty-four (44) states are in the Highest-Risk Quadrant. Twenty-four (24) states have a TPR greater than 10% and a case rate ≥25/100K people indicates testing may not be adequate to fully characterize the true severity of the outbreak in these states.

    • Last Friday’s discussed the similarities and differences between COVID-19, the flu, the common cold, and allergies in a chart form!

      • This will be available for online download soon. However, if you want a copy now, please email Lily Yang (

    • OSHA has released new infographic guidance for “COVID-19 Guidance on Ventilation in the Workplace” [English] [Spanish]. Much of this guidance is parallel to what TAG has previously discussed and encouraged.

    • A recent CDC MMWR highlights the protective measures of working from home rather than onsite. In fact, “adults who received positive test results for SARS-CoV-2 infection were more likely to report exclusively going to an office or school setting in the 2 weeks before illness onset.” This is compared to those who tested negative, even among those working in a profession outside of the critical infrastructure. These findings highlight the importance, even now, of “promot[ing] alternative work site options, such as teleworking, where possible, to reduce exposures to SARS-CoV-2. Where telework options are not feasible, worker safety measures should continue to be scaled up to reduce possible worksite exposures.”

    • The recent CDC highlight for “How to Protect Yourself & Others” highlights that “older adults and people who have certain underlying conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 illness.” This emphasizes the crucial need to continue to practice good personal hygiene, avoid close contact, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth when around others, clean and disinfect, and monitor your health daily.

      • Additionally, protect your health by getting a flu vaccine!

      • For a quick reference to identify if you might have COVID-19, the flu, the cold, or allergies, check out our recent infographic.  

    • CDC has released new guidance for Celebrating Thanksgiving safely (to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the flu). As the holiday approaches, it is imperative to keep your business and workers safe.

      • Due to rising COVID-19 cases, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is to do so with people in your household. Consider hosting a virtual Thanksgiving for those who do not live with you! Or prepare traditional dishes and deliver the food to others in a way that does not involve contact with others.

      • If you are celebrating with others outside your household, take steps like wearing a mask, staying socially distant from others, and washing your hands.

      • Consider celebrating outdoors (if possible), or if celebrating indoors, make sure to open windows.

      • Limit the number of guests you have, as well as the number of food-preparation individuals.

Recommendations for Industry

When and What COVID Tests Should I Conduct?

This week, the U.S. hit the 10 million mark for COVID-19 cases, reported a new record of more than 150,000 cases per day on Thursday, topped 160,000 cases today – and all indications are that the rise will continue. With these increases, TAG is continually receiving questions about testing and when and how it should be used. Following is a very general guide to five of the most common test use cases:


  1. Testing all employees at the same time can determine each person’s infection status at the time of testing and is useful when there has been an outbreak in a facility. 

  2. Testing asymptomatic people at regular intervals can provide surveillance testing for outbreak detection. If cases are found, the infection rate is greater than a predetermined threshold level that is set as part of the testing program.  If positives are found, tracing and testing of close-contacts should occur to contain the outbreak.

  3. Targeted testing of higher-risk populations (people who cannot regularly physically distance, etc.) can be serially tested to monitor for active infection. 

  4. Close-contact testing can be conducted on workers who have been identified as close-contacts of a positive individual but are not symptomatic.

  5. Testing exposed workers who are critical to daily operations and who will not quarantine can provide an adequate ability to detect possible infection while these workers take additional precautions.


Because each facility and situation is unique, TAG can assist you in determining best uses for your facility during particular situations. We also will continue to provide information on testing, as well as the status of vaccines in next week’s COVID-19 updates. Stay tuned!

Outbreak Updates

As of November 13, 2020 (12:12 ET), there are over >53,021,603 cases (>1,297,347 deaths) worldwide.

Due to the increasing number of cases in the United States, TAG will move from reporting counts per country to focus on the United States, please see here for the data. For further information regarding worldwide numbers, please refer to John Hopkin University’s aggregate map.

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