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Due to the high number of inquiries received and the continuous developments regarding the virus, TAG is offering COVID-19 Retainer Packages to businesses concerned with the impact of this outbreak.

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Key Points

Updated: May 30, 2020

ICYMI Weekly Recap (May 26-29)

  • Federal (CDC, OSHA) and state public health agencies are teaming up to conduct intensive COVID-19 inspections of food facilities. What does this mean for you? What will they be looking for? Find out more about the different checklists here.

  • We have received questions from within the food and beverage industry (both in the US and internationally) inquiring about manufacturers and processors asking for “COVID-19 Free” certificates or even “Clean COVID” labels. As has been stated numerous times, there is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted through food. Read more about these types of inquiries here.

  • What’s happening across the food industry?

  • What about audits? The GFSI community has worked hard to establish an industry-wide position that best serves the food and beverage industry and consumers during COVID-19. Read more on CPO-specific requirements for an extension for SQF, BRC Global Standards, and FSSC 22000.  

  • In COVID-19 testing news, the FDA removed a few serological tests for COVID-19 from distribution.

  • The FDA continues to crack down on companies and fraudulent COVID-19 products. There is a preliminary injunction against Xephyr LLC, which distributed colloidal silver products as a prevention/cure against COVID-19. There are currently no cures, preventions, etc. for COVID-19.  

  • The CDC has also released new interim guidance for office buildings for re-opening in the COVID-19 recovery period; here’s a quick summary!

The CDC also updated its symptoms guidance to include a few more symptoms. How does this affect you?

Recommendations for
the Food Industry

No Recommendations for Industry on Saturday, May 30, 2020

from Friday May 29, 2020: CDC Issues COVID-19 Interim Guidance for Office Buildings.

CDC has issued new interim guidance for COVID-19 employee protections in office buildings, stating that “workers in office buildings may be at risk for exposure to the virus.” The updated strategies and recommendations (which essentially match those of the  TAG COVID-19 Toolkit) include:

  • Conduct a hazard assessment to identify potential transmission risk and implement controls.

  • Conduct daily wellness screenings with temperature checks.

  • Implement social distancing policies and practices.

  • Have employees wear cloth face coverings in all areas of the business (except employees with health or other factors).

  • Discourage the use of public transportation and ride-sharing.

  • Improve the building ventilation system. (TAG’s Monday, June 1, COVID-19 newsletter will provide more information on this.)


With CDC now recommending the protections that we have included in the  TAG COVID-19 Toolkit, referencing and following TAG’s recommendations and applications will put you in compliance with CDC guidance.


In another post, CDC updated the “wide range” of symptoms that may present with COVID-19. Because it is so wide, with symptoms that could simply indicate seasonal allergies, TAG recommends that businesses follow the Wellness Screening and symptoms of the TAG Toolkit.


If you don’t have the TAG COVID-19 Toolkit, contact us for more information and access!

Outbreak Updates

As of May 30, 2020 (09:22 ET), there are over 5,954,000 cases (>365,000 deaths) worldwide.

Due to the increasing number of cases in the United States, TAG will move from reporting counts per country to focus on the United States, please see here for the data. For further information regarding worldwide numbers, please refer to John Hopkin University’s aggregate map.

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