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Key Points

Updated: March 25, 2020

  • Stay Alert! Actively screen employees and enact social distancing practices in your business, amongst employees, and with customers. (see below for Social Distancing Poster in both English and Spanish). 

  • Today, we further discuss “Preventing COVID-19 Cleaning Fraud”. Please read below.

  • Due to increasing scientific evidence regarding “close contact” and employee screenings, TAG recommends changing the “close contact” identification timeframe for employee screenings from 24 hours to 48 hours (2 days) before symptom onset. While this value is a more conservative approach than is currently recommended by the US CDC, TAG believes the 48-hour recommendation is more protective of a facility’s workforce if operationally sustainable.

    • Specifically: Determine an employee’s (who has shown/felt symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, difficulty breathing) work schedule for at least 48 hours prior to illness onset and up to 14 days. This information can be used to determine who else was working at the same time as the employee if this information is needed to identify close contacts.

    • “Close contact” means a person worked within 6 feet of that person for more than 15 minutes at a time.  E.g., Passing by each other throughout the day would not constitute close contact. Working next to someone else for an extended period of time would.

  • To increase access to reliable information, WHO has partnered with WhatsApp and Facebook to launch a WHO Health Alert messaging service that will provide the latest news and information on COVID-19, including details on symptoms and how people can protect themselves (many available languages). To access and subscribe, please send the word "hi" to the following number on WhatsApp: +41 798 931 892. In WhatsApp, messaging will be free. (Currently >10M subscribers)

FMSA Fridays/COVID-19 Update Webinar

Controlling COVID-19 in Food Facilities   
Friday, March 27, 2020
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Recommendations for
the Food Industry

Everyone should practice social distancing (more specifically, physical distancing), not only those who are ill or at higher-risk (e.g. older individuals, pre-existing conditions) but also among healthy individuals so we may "flatten the curve".


Please feel free to use this free poster at your establishment. Please email us ( for a copy of this poster (English & Spanish available).

Preventing COVID-19 Cleaning Fraud.

Although it is imperative that food facilities maintain regular, or even expanded cleaning and sanitizing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, OSHA has stated, “Outside of healthcare and deathcare facilities, there is typically no need to perform special cleaning or decontamination of work environments when a person suspected of having the virus has been present, unless those environments are visibly contaminated with blood or other body fluids.” However, when further cleaning and decontamination are necessary, or if your facility has decided, due to elevated risk, to institute more frequent cleaning or deep cleaning, it is recommended that you follow CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfecting environments, and use only products included in EPA’s list of Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


Following CDC’s cleaning/disinfecting guidelines and EPA’s approved list of anti-COVID products are especially important at this time as TAG has become aware of some less-than-scrupulous third-party product providers making unsubstantiated claims about their products and services – often charging high prices with false promises. To prevent this:

  • Be particularly cautious of those who suggest non-recognized processes and unproven technologies, such as fogging.

  • Ensure that any company with which you work with is using chemical agents that have demonstrated effectiveness against COVID-19. Chemicals can be found from the EPA list.

  • Ask for validation documentation on how product effectiveness against COVID-19 was proven.


Because the COVID-19 virus has demonstrated surface survivability for hours or days, and transmissibility of COVID-19 from contaminated environmental surfaces and objects is not fully understood, businesses should carefully evaluate if work areas occupied by people suspected of having the virus may have been: (a) contaminated and if (b) spaces ought to be decontaminated.


When purchasing products, check the product's EPA Registration Number (EPA Reg. No.) against the products included on the EPA’s list. Identical products, with the same formulation and efficacy, can be sold under different brand names. To ensure that the product you've selected is correct, check the three-part EPA Reg. No. (e.g., EPA Reg. No. 12345-12-2567 is a distributor product with an identical formulation and efficacy to the primary product with the EPA Reg. No. 12345- 12). See TAG’s COVID-19 FAQ for more information on cleaning, sanitizing and product selection.

Outbreak Updates

As of March 25, 2020 (10:34 AM ET), there are over 438,000 cases (>19,600 deaths) worldwide in 199 countries/territories.


Dominica, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Libya have reported their first cases of COVID-19. Spain and Italy deaths from coronavirus have individually exceeded that of China’s.  


In the United States, there are 55,243 confirmed/tested (802 deaths) COVID-19 cases. All 50 states and various U.S. territories are now reporting cases. Hawaii has reported its firth death.  The following states have issued stay-at-home orders: California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Connecticut, Washington, Ohio, Oregon, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Delaware, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Hawaii.  


Current Confirmed Cases: (Please note, instead of countries over 100 cases, TAG will now be reporting countries with over 1,000 cases)


  • China: 81,661

  • Italy: 69,176

  • US: 55,243

  • Spain: 47,610

  • Germany: 35,353

  • Iran: 27,017

  • France: 22,647

  • Switzerland: 10,456

  • South Korea: 9,137

  • United Kingdom: 8,317

  • Netherlands: 5,585

  • Austria: 5,560

  • Belgium: 4,937

  • Portugal: 2,995

  • Norway 2,971

  • Canada: 2,792

  • Sweden: 2,526

  • Australia: 2,364

  • Brazil: 2,271

  • Israel: 2,170

  • Turkey: 1,874

  • Denmark: 1,852

  • Malaysia: 1,796

  • Czechia: 1,497

  • Ireland: 1,329

  • Japan: 1,193

  • Chiles: 1,142

  • Luxembourg: 1,099

  • Ecuador: 1,082

  • Pakistan: 1,022


For further information, please see Johns Hopkins University’s aggregate map.

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