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Key Points

Updated: March 20, 2020

  • Food is safe; there is no evidence of SARS-CoV-2 transmission through food.

  • Please practice social distancing; this means maintaining at least 6 feet (2 meter) between yourself and others.

  • TAG has provided some “Considerations for Taking Temperatures” in the FAQs (link). While this may be a good addition to your employee screening, please practice caution when utilizing this method of illness identification as: (a) ill individual may not present with fever; (b) proper usage of thermometers must be practiced.

  • Next week we will discuss planning and implications for a prolonged outbreak (e.g. supply-chain disruptions).

Recommendations for
the Food Industry

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Guidance on Social Distancing in Public Food Facilities.

The State of California Health & Emergency Officials have provided social distancing guidance in a variety of food and beverage venues. Although the most extensive guidance is provided for grocery stores and charitable food distribution sites, TAG sees many of the directives as applicable to any public food venues that are remaining open in any form during the COVID-19 crisis, and added a few of its own.

  • Require social distancing of 6 feet (2 meters) per person, particularly between individuals who have come together on a one-time or rare basis.

  • Make it clear, however, that family members can participate in activities together, stand in line together, etc.

  • Limit the number of customers, at any given time, as needed, to reduce outdoor/indoor crowding and lines to meet social distancing guidance. You may want to create visual markers (e.g. lines on the floor, chalk on the sidewalk, barriers) so that people know what 6 feet is when they line up.

  • In areas where noise can make it difficult to communicate, consider developing a visual hand signal for employees (e.g. holding up 6 fingers) to let people know that they’re getting too close

  • Increase the cleaning and sanitizing frequencies of restrooms and other high-contact areas.

  • Train employees on best hygiene practices including washing their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Provide additional opportunities in the venue for persons to reduce the spread of the virus through handwashing or sanitizing stations.

  • Eliminate events/marketing that target individuals that have been identified as higher risk of serious illness for COVID-19 (e.g., older persons, those who are immunocompromised, etc.).

  • Stores that have online ordering with outside pick-up or delivery options should encourage use of these when possible in lieu of indoor shopping.


Visit the California Department of Public Health webpage for the full guidance, TAG’s COVID-19 Resources page for further information for food businesses, and contact TAG for guidance and advice on social distancing and other businesses practices during this crisis.

Outbreak Updates

As of March 20, 2020 (11:55 AM ET), there are over 250,000 cases (10,389 deaths) worldwide in 181 countries/territories. The number of deaths has now surpassed 10,000.


Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti, Barbados, Niger, Haiti, Montserrat, Mauritius, Zambia, and Gambia have reported their first cases of COVID-19. Peru has announced its first death related to COVID-19. Serbia, Latvia, and Bulgaria have now exceeded 100 cases.


In the United States, there are 14,250 confirmed (205 deaths) COVID-19 cases. All 50 states and various U.S. territories are now reporting cases. The states that have exceed 100 cases are: New York (4,152), Washington (1,228), California (1,044), New Jersey (748), Florida (438), Illinois (422), Louisiana (392), Michigan (334), Massachusetts (328), Georgia (288), Colorado (277), Texas (234), Pennsylvania (197), Connecticut (159), Wisconsin (155), Tennessee (155), Ohio (120), Maryland (108), North Carolina (103). To limit the outbreak, the governor of California has ordered all 40 million residents to stay home.


Current Confirmed Cases (countries with over 100 cases):

  • China: 81,250

  • Italy: 41,035

  • Spain: 19,980

  • Iran: 19,644

  • Germany: 18,361

  • United States: 14,250

  • France: 10,891

  • South Korea: 8,652

  • Switzerland: 4,840

  • United Kingdom: 3,297

  • Netherlands: 2,468

  • Austria: 2,388

  • Belgium: 2,257

  • Norway: 1,802

  • Sweden: 1,639

  • Denmark: 1,308

  • Malaysia: 1,030

  • Portugal: 1,020

  • Japan:943

  • Canada: 873

  • Czechia: 774

  • Cruise Ship: 712

  • Israel: 705

  • Australia: 681

  • Brazil: 621

  • Ireland: 557

  • Luxembourg: 484

  • Pakistan: 479

  • Greece: 464

  • Qatar: 460

  • Finland: 450

  • Iceland: 409

  • Singapore: 385

  • Poland: 378

  • Indonesia: 369

  • Turkey: 359

  • Chile: 342

  • Slovenia: 341

  • Thailand: 322

  • Romania: 308

  • Bahrain: 285

  • Estonia: 283

  • Saudi Arabia: 274

  • Ecuador: 260

  • Egypt: 256

  • Russia: 253

  • India: 244

  • Peru: 234

  • Philipines: 230

  • South Africa: 202

  • Iraq: 192

  • Mexico: 164

  • Lebanon: 163

  • Kuwait: 159

  • San Marino: 144

  • United Arab Emirates: 140

  • Panama: 137

  • Armenia: 136

  • Taiwan: 135

  • Argentina: 128

  • Colombia: 128

  • Slovakia: 123

  • Serbia: 118

  • Croatia: 113

  • Latvia: 111

  • Bulgaria: 107


For further information, please see Johns Hopkins University’s aggregate map.

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