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Outbreak Updates

Updated March 19, 2020 

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As of March 19, 2020 (10:18 ET), there are over 222,600 cases (9,115 deaths) worldwide in 177 countries/territories.


Fiji, Montenegro, El Salvador, and Nicaragua have reported their first cases of Covid-19. Mexico and Russia have reported its first coronavirus-related death. Croatia, Colombia, Panama, Armenia and Mexico have now exceeded 100 cases.


In the United States, there are 9,415 confirmed (150 deaths) COVID-19 cases. All 50 states and various U.S. territories are now reporting cases; West Virginia has now reported their first coronavirus case. The states that have exceed 100 cases are: New York (2,382), Washington (1,026), California (875), New Jersey (427), Florida (329), Illinois (288), Louisiana (280), Massachusetts (256), Colorado (216), Georgia (197), Texas (144), Pennsylvania (139), Wisconsin (106). 


Current Confirmed Cases (countries with over 100 cases):

  • China: 81,154

  • Italy: 35,713

  • Iran: 18,407

  • Spain: 15,014

  • Germany: 13,093

  • United States: 9,415

  • France: 9,058

  • South Korea: 8,565

  • Switzerland: 3,067

  • United Kingdom: 2,644

  • Netherlands: 2,056

  • Austria: 1,843

  • Belgium:1,795

  • Norway: 1,631

  • Sweden: 1,301

  • Denmark: 1,206

  • Japan: 924

  • Malaysia: 900

  • Canada: 727

  • Cruise Ship: 712

  • Australia: 681

  • Portugal: 642

  • Czechia: 572

  • Brazil: 529

  • Israel: 529

  • Qatar: 452

  • Greece: 418

  • Ireland: 366

  • Finland: 359

  • Pakistan: 335

  • Luxembourg: 335

  • Iceland:330

  • Singapore:313

  • Indonesia: 311

  • Poland: 305

  • Slovenia: 286

  • Romania: 277

  • Thailand: 272

  • Bahrain:269

  • Estonia: 267

  • Saudi Arabia: 238

  • Chile: 238

  • Philippines: 217

  • Egypt: 210

  • Turkey: 191

  • India: 176

  • Ecuador: 168

  • Iraq: 164

  • Peru: 155

  • Kuwait: 148

  • Russia: 147

  • Lebanon: 139

  • San Marino: 119

  • Mexico: 118

  • South Africa: 116

  • Armenia: 115

  • United Arab Emirates: 113

  • Panama: 109

  • Taiwan:108

  • Slovakia: 105

  • Colombia: 102

  • Croatia: 102


For more information, please see Johns Hopkins University’s aggregate map.

Key Points

Yesterday, the FDA gave its “Briefing for Foods Stakeholders on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”. Below are the four main points:

  • There is no evidence of foodborne transmission of COVID-19

  • There are no shortages of food in the food supply

  • If you are in the food and agriculture sectors, you are considered critical infrastructure

  • In addition to “postponing most foreign facility inspections through April”, the FDA has also “temporarily postponed all domestic routine surveillance facility inspections”. Those that are “for cause” and/or “mission-critical” will proceed. Additionally, the majority of FDA inspections will be announced.

See below for the current state of actions that various states across the nation are currently undertaking.

FDA Briefing for Foods Stakeholders on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

March 18, 2020 

For recording & more information, click here.

Listen to the recording below: 

2020 COVID Food Industry CallU.S. Food and Drug Administration
00:00 / 28:51

State Action on Coronavirus (COVID-19).


It is critical that businesses across the U.S., especially those with multiple locations, stay current on their and other states’ COVID-19 responses and actions. As such, TAG will continue to provide daily updates, information, and resources to keep you informed and informed.


While the federal government is leading the national response, state and local health departments are at the front lines of making daily decisions for their citizens. Here are two essential resources to keep you updated on the latest actions of your state:


NCSL explains that state health officials are continuing to work with the CDC, federal authorities, and other health agencies to ensure a collaborative response. State lawmakers may direct constituents to local, state, and federal health resources to keep citizens informed. Meanwhile, several states are taking legislative action to mitigate the effects of an outbreak.

Over half of states (and D.C.) have introduced legislation supporting state actions related to COVID-19. Supported efforts include resolutions to encourage certain positive practices and bills that include funding, workforce protections or medical coverage, disease surveillance, isolation, and quarantine or other related actions taken by governors in a state of emergency. Many states have enacted or adopted these legislations.


Additional information is available from NCSL on the State Fiscal Responses to CoronavirusPublic Education Response; and public health and elections.

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