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Due to the high number of inquiries received and the continuous developments regarding the virus, TAG is offering COVID-19 Retainer Packages to businesses concerned with the impact of this outbreak.

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Key Points
  • Recent research indicates that COVID-19 unlikely to remain infections on surfaces and in the environment for many days or weeks at a time. (TAG will discuss this further in the following week). 

  • With the increasing spread of coronavirus, many countries have enlisted travel restrictions and/or closed their borders to/from other countries. Please see the CDC’s Travel Recommendations for U.S. travel guidance. An increasing number of countries have also declared “state of emergency”.

  • The number of reported new coronavirus cases in China and South Korea continue to decline.

  • While COVID-19 is not spread through food, it is spread through people. Practice social distancing: avoid large groups or gatherings and maintain a 6 feet (2 meter) distance from people.

  • As the number of COVID-19 cases rise, employers should consider “sick-leave” policies to protect employee and businesses.

COVID-19 Lessons from China.

In late February 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a mission to China to assess and learn from the county’s coronavirus containment efforts. In its resulting report, WHO developed major recommendations for China, other countries, the public, and the international community-at-large. Following are its recommendations for the public:

  1. Recognize that although COVID-19 is a new and concerning disease, the outbreaks can be managed with the right response. The vast majority of infected people will recover.

  2. Adopt and rigorously practice the most important preventive measures for COVID-19: (a) frequent handwashing and (b) always covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

  3. Be alert for COVID-19’s signs and symptoms (i.e., fever and dry cough). Continually update yourself on COVID-19 because the strategies and response activities will continuously improve as new information emerges daily.

  4. Be prepared to actively support a response to COVID-19 in a variety of ways, including the adoption of more stringent “social distancing” practices and helping the high-risk older populations.


For more information on applying these to your business, see TAG’s March 12 newsletter: COVID-19: Applying Lessons Learned from China.

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