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As community transmission appears to be occurring in the United States, companies should consider and review their (a) employee illness and monitoring policies and (b) Business Continuity Plans. 

An important part of employee screening will include asking about any potential contact with known COVID-19 cases.  If an employee reports having been in contact with a diagnosed case, please tell them to stay at home and not to report to work. Additionally, the employer should contact the local or health state department immediately.   

Recommendations for the Food Industry

What are the current recommendations around national or international travel?

For International Travel: The CDC currently recommends avoiding non-essential travel to four (4) high-risk countries (South Korea, Italy, Iran, China), and advises travelers to practice enhanced precautions to one (1) country (Japan). 


Within the United States: While there are currently no travel advisories or restrictions in place within the United States, please take your personal health considerations into account when planning travel.  While the risk of contracting coronavirus in the US remains low, thinking about how you view and manage personal risk is based on individual factors.  We know that the virus can cause more severe illness in individuals older than 50 years old and/or individuals with underlying health or medical conditions.  When considering your personal health situation, you may determine that travel should be postponed.  Another consideration is for immune-compromised family or household members; you do not want to bring the virus into your home environment and inadvertently expose high-risk family members. The use of technology tools like video conferencing or conference calls may be appropriate.   

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